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Jan. 7th, 2016

hibiscus red


The main purpose of this blog is to let family and friends, my loved and deared ones stay in touch with me during my trip to Japan. But everybody else is invited to comment as well.

is what I said at first - but after all what happend, I am back way earlier, I am involved in foundraising and met some great people in Berlin too - from now on this blog is for more than my trip - also for music, pictures, Japan in general, thoughts - I hope you still stay with me

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I'll be looking forward to see you here and there

よろしくお願いします m(-_-)m


Aug. 12th, 2013


Tokyo ... I don't know which number but Tokyo!

I am sitting on the floor in a bookstore next to a Cafe Wired - using their WiFi but saving money for Karaoke later...

I don't have internet anymore... so my next real entry will be from Berlin on thursday~
I have to go back already...
Kyoto was incredible... full of romance & death (both for others, not me)


see you


Maria from Shibuya~


Aug. 8th, 2013

hibiscus red

Tokyo 12 - leavining for Kyoto!

so that's why I won't be able to update here~ (besides I have problems uploading photos... and I am too lazy to fiy it rght now)

Taking a Shinkansen will be a first - as well as taking a nightbus to come back to Tokyo on Sunday~

I'll be around on monday morning again - and then I only have 3 more days until in Japan...

See you and have a great weekend everybody!

Aug. 4th, 2013

hibiscus red

Tokyo 11 - Ha! Again! I went out and this time: Hakone

it was like being the heroine of my very own Showa-movie (the historical Japanese period between 1926 and 1989) - I am, in fact, a Showa-born woman. But actually I am a kind of mezurashii (hm, particular?) heroine for this epoch - a single woman on tour is no something all too normal, so to speak. And yes, I got treated like a rare animal in between - which I enjoyed - since it was only for two days... any longer and I would have snaped.
In the evening I almost became an Oji-san (old geezer) - first Onsen, then Unagi at a small old shop, then changing into Yukata for the rest of the night, watching TV, then Onsen and finally TV again and japanese snacks~ the moment I realized I am turning into an old man was when I thought about getting a beer~ I made tea instead XD


about Hakone: green


and more green


and mountains


and green


and honstely, I loved it~


the only non-green part was the volcano smelling like a ton of eggs area~


some pics ahead - she would like to say BUT! which ones? I made roughly 400 pictures in two days... ok, most of them from greenery~


so today is GREEN-day XD (yes, bad pun)


oh and backyards/backstreets - no boys there, anywhere (also, bad pun)


and Hakon is paved with Evangelion (a pretty famous Anime)


ok, I am showing this first: I bought myself a snake-slime mask XD and used it - it's the same slimy feeling as every sheet-mask~ still...



my room in the little Ryokan I stayed at



my tea-set



my dinner-Izakaya-thingy









breakfast on sunday



lunch on sunday



dinner on sunday~ (back in Tokyo made by my hsts ♥)



it somehow became a food-appreciation-entry~


hm... have some random nature as well... and you know~ stuff


like cable car-views



volcano-areas from above



mountain views



some plant



the peak of Kami-Yama



and at this point lj left me... I'll be back tomorrow (I hope~)


Good Night & Oyasumi Nasai from Tokyo

Aug. 2nd, 2013

hibiscus red

Tokyo 10 - HA! no, this time it's Kamakura - it's all in the details (2nd try)

pictures ahead:details~Collapse )

Aug. 1st, 2013

hibiscus red

Tokyo 10 - HA! no, this time it's Kamakura - it's all in the details

group activity day - our whole university group went to Kamakura - a place I have difficult memories about: I was there during the earthquake two years ago
the trip allowed me to make the ground under my feet stop shaking & to enjoy the scenery

since there would be too much to show, I will concentrate on details today - without further ado: Kamakura in Detail ... I would have liked to say~

but lj is not working like I want it to~ so no pictures today...

tomorrow it will work again I hope

Good Night from Tokyo

Jul. 30th, 2013

hibiscus red

Tokyo 9 - ha! NO it's Yokohama~

On sunday I went to Yokohama with a friend - to Minato Mirei, Chinatown, Node and upupup the Landwark Tower for a beautiful Night View~

let's share some picturesCollapse )

we did a short break & went shopping & ate some Donuts (I would never eat them in Berlin but I love them here~ damn you Matsuko Deluxe!) and finally went up with the fastes Elevator in Japan (up & down) & the world (only down) Landmark Tower

Night View (69. Floor)Collapse )

monday I got lost on my way home~
today was University & Teas-Ceremony
tomorrow: Kamakura!

Good Night from Tokyo

Jul. 29th, 2013

hibiscus red

Tokyo 8 - (Naka)Meguro

walking around and taking dozens of random pics~ that's me
go on - random picsCollapse )

on a different note: I am still watching this mama-papa-phenomenon - hm, I could imagine to write something bigger about this~ would need to find somebody for an interview though...

and somebody in Germany should catch up on this entertainer/musician/TV-announcer goes politician-thing because of a hope for environmental change & general dis-approval of the Japanese politics (also the system)

Germany needs 100yen-shops but in € and ticket-restaurants

the heat is easier to manage here than in Germany~ but going by train sucks or rather stinks~

also: cicades are freaking loud! badass crew these bugs~ honestly don't ever try to fall on my head or somewhere else on me! - I scream louder than a Harajuku-girl on a Jet-coaster~ (and I don't even want to imagine a Harajuku-girl or 109-girl on a Jet-coaster~ they are already loud enough on the street...)

oh, I like going by bus in Tokyo but it could be cheaper~

ehm, the self-service fast-food restaurants with service and the service restaurants where you have to pay at the counter are a weird mix of two concepts which doesn't make sense but works nevertheless~

I could bath in Purin (caramel-pudding) - if it wouldn't be that sticky~

Jul. 28th, 2013

hibiscus red

Tokyo 7 - Koenji

as I already wrote in my last post on thursday I went to Koenji after classes finished

so have some pictures now - just a bunch of impressions to get an idea - it's full on tiny houses and streets and backstreets of backstreets (and boys and that's a stupid joke but Tokyo is plastered with their posters so I had to make it) ~
tiny & fineCollapse )

o fiday night I went again - a friend invited me to a bar and then another bar
the first one was tiny tiny and had really good food
the second one was stuffed with LPs and cassettes and music from all over the world, it was rusty and old and had some really unique owners

That's it for now - yesterday I strolled thru Shibuya, which is basically exhausting like hell & afterwards met a german friend in Nakameguro & enjoyed a walk longside the river, a rice burger & some nice stupid japanese TV in the evening. Originally I had planned to attend the Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai - but I feared the promised thunderstorm and tat it's going to be cancelled - the storm came and with it the cancelation after the first 30 min - so I didn't miss much from this Japans famous firework

some impressions from Meguro (which by the way means black eye (there are other eyes here as well, like white and gods...) - are coming later~ I have to hurry to get ready to go to Yokohama ♥
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Jul. 25th, 2013


Tokyo 7 - Meiji goods

only one photo today~ I am too tired
after lessons I spend 2 hours in the library and went to Koenji afterwards walking around for 2 more hours. I really like it there! Pictures coming tomorrow.




here are the goods I bought until now~ I am thinking about a bag and a cap or a strap as well... hm

honestly, 2 pens and a mini-towel aren't much
the gums are just from the same store...




good night & oyasumi nasai from Yoyogi


One more thing:


I made plans for the 3th & 4th of August~ I will go to Hakone and enjoy a Ryokan, nature and hot springs. It's a quite famous area near Fuji-san with 5 big lakes and it was difficult to find a place to stay. Somehow I managed and found a small japanese-styled room in  Ryokan including a pure natural water onsen (hot spring) in the Hakone National Park. And not too expensive as well. Looking forward to it! But first: tomorrow university, saturday is sumida-fireworks and on sunday we go to Yokohama. How do we call it in Germany? "Freizeitstress"


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